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Visual Studio Looping Code SnippetsVisual Studio Looping Code Snippets
Visual Studio 2005 allows quick creation of boilerplate code through the use of code snippets. In this article five snippets are considered. These allow you to quickly create the common looping structures in your programs with simple shortcut phrases.
Visual Studio Column GuidesVisual Studio Column Guides
Visual Studio includes an interesting hidden feature that displays one or more vertical lines that can be used as column guides. These guides are ideal when you wish to maintain a consistent line length for all code in your project or solution.
Add Custom Controls to the Visual Studio ToolboxAdd Custom Controls to the Visual Studio Toolbox
The Visual Studio toolbox provides a simple, categorised list of the controls and components that Visual Studio knows how to add to your projects. When you create your own custom Windows Forms controls, it can be useful to include them in the toolbox.
Visual Studio Tab GroupsVisual Studio Tab Groups
When developing applications and libraries, it can be useful to view several editor or designer windows simultaneously. For example, you may wish to show a form's design and code as the same time. This is made possible using Visual Studio tab groups.
Highlighting Visual Studio BookmarksHighlighting Visual Studio Bookmarks
Bookmarks in Visual Studio provide a means by which you can mark important lines of code and quickly navigate between the marked items. By default, a bookmark appears as a glyph in the indicator margin. Some developers prefer increased visibility.
Visual Studio BookmarksVisual Studio Bookmarks
When working on large projects you may need to revisit several areas of your code on a regular basis. Rather than manually navigating between files and through code, you can use Visual Studio's bookmarks feature to quickly jump to the desired location.
Visual Studio Go To Brace CommandVisual Studio Go To Brace Command
When working with complex code files, especially those with a large number of conditional statements and loops, it can be difficult to find the end brace that matches a particular starting brace for a block of code. The Go To Brace command makes it easy.
Transfer Visual Studio Settings Between PCsTransfer Visual Studio Settings Between PCs
Visual Studio has many hundreds of settings that can be configured using the Options dialog box from the Tools menu. If you use several computers, it can be useful to configure the environment on one machine, then transfer the settings to other systems.
Visual Studio Go To Definition CommandVisual Studio Go To Definition Command
As the size of an application or library's code base grows, it can become difficult to quickly navigate to the definitions that you wish to see. This problem is removed entirely by Visual Studio with the use of the Go To Definition command.
Visual Studio 2008 Transparent IntellisenseVisual Studio 2008 Transparent Intellisense
The Intellisense system within Visual Studio can be invaluable when working with classes and methods that you seldom use. However, sometimes the pop-up list can obscure your code. In Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft removed this problem.
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