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Internalizing Assemblies with ILMergeInternalizing Assemblies with ILMerge
ILMerge is a useful tool provided by Microsoft that allows a number of assemblies to be combined into a single dynamic linked library or executable. By default, public types from source assemblies remain public. In some cases they should be internalized.
Creating Signed Assemblies Using ILMergeCreating Signed Assemblies Using ILMerge
ILMerge allows multiple assemblies to be combined into a single executable or dynamic linked library (DLL), simplifying their use and minimising the number of files in an installation. ILMerge can also be used to sign those merged assemblies.
Combining Assemblies Using ILMergeCombining Assemblies Using ILMerge
When creating solutions that include multiple projects, Visual Studio creates an assembly for each project. This can lead to libraries that are complicated to use, needing many references. Using ILMerge, the assemblies can be combined into a single file.
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