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Windows Forms Message BoxesWindows Forms Message Boxes
Message boxes provide a simple, standardised method to display information, warnings and errors to the user. They can also be used to ask simple questions and to request confirmation of actions.
The Colour Selector Dialog BoxThe Colour Selector Dialog Box
The ColorDialog class generates one of the .NET framework's standard dialog boxes. This common dialog box allows the user to select a colour from a predefined palette and edit that palette to add their own reusable colours.
The Save File Dialog BoxThe Save File Dialog Box
The SaveFileDialog class provides the functionality for one of the .NET framework's common dialog boxes. This dialog box provides the ability to users to specify the name and path of a file to be created or updated.
The Open File Dialog BoxThe Open File Dialog Box
The OpenFileDialog class provides one of the .NET framework's common dialog boxes. This standardised dialog box allows users to select a single file or a group of files to be opened.
The Folder Browser Dialog BoxThe Folder Browser Dialog Box
The .NET framework provides a number of commonly used dialog boxes. These are designed to allow familiar methods for user input. They include font, file and colour selection and printer configuration dialogs. This article describes the folder browser.
The Font Selection Dialog BoxThe Font Selection Dialog Box
The .NET framework class library includes several common dialog boxes. These allow standard interactions with the user, such as font, file or colour selection or configuration for printing. This article describes the font selection dialog box.
Using the Clipboard to Transfer TextUsing the Clipboard to Transfer Text
The Windows clipboard is a useful temporary storage area for information that users can use when copying and pasting information within a single application or between programs. The contents of the clipboard can be manipulated from .NET software.
Setting the Foreground WindowSetting the Foreground Window
Occasionally it is necessary for a .NET program to activate a window that belongs to a separate application. The facility to set the foreground window is not available through the .NET base class library but is possible using Platform Invocation Services.
Using SendKeysUsing SendKeys
Some software that needs to be automated provides no application programming interface (API) to permit this and no direct access to data to control the program indirectly. In these cases, one solution to automation is the SendKeys class.
Disabling the Screensaver ProgrammaticallyDisabling the Screensaver Programmatically
Screensavers can be a useful tool for protecting some types of display from damage or a visually pleasing alternative to the open windows when a computer is not in use. For some types of software it is necessary to temporarily disable the screensaver.
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