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Determining the Owner of a File or FolderDetermining the Owner of a File or Folder
When using the New Technology File System (NTFS), every file and folder has an owner. This is a user or a group that gains special rights over the item, such as the ability to set its permissions. The owner of a file or folder can be determined with .NET.
The System.Uri ClassThe System.Uri Class
Software that uses networked resources, web sites or remote files often makes use of Uniform Resource Identifiers to locate those resources. Although these can be held in simple strings, using the System.Uri class provides many additional benefits.
Obtaining a MAC AddressObtaining a MAC Address
A MAC address is a twelve digit hexadecimal number that uniquely identifies a network interface, such as a network card in a computer or printer. Using the .NET framework, the MAC addresses of the network interfaces in a computer can be found.
Reading RSS and Atom Syndication FeedsReading RSS and Atom Syndication Feeds
RSS and Atom feeds provide a standardised means of providing syndicated content via the Internet. The feeds publish XML documents that can be downloaded by web sites that aggregate stories from several places or into feed reader software.
Resolving Host Names and IP AddressesResolving Host Names and IP Addresses
Many networks, including the Internet, use the Internet Protocol (IP) for communication. All computers on such a networks have at least one IP address, consisting of a several numbers. It can be useful to resolve IP addresses to more readable host names.
Mapping a Drive Letter ProgrammaticallyMapping a Drive Letter Programmatically
Some legacy applications do not permit the use of UNC paths when accessing network folders, instead requiring that a drive letter be mapped. When interacting with such software it may be necessary to map a drive letter and later remove mappings using C#.
Sending SMTP Email AsynchronouslySending SMTP Email Asynchronously
Sending email using the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) can be a slow process, particularly when sending large numbers of messages using, for example, a bulk email tool. This process can be accelerated with considered use of asynchronous sending.
Sending SMTP EmailSending SMTP Email
Many modern applications send email for a variety of purposes. These include sending email to customers, suppliers and other businesses or individuals or for reporting problems that have occurred whilst running a program. With .NET, sending mail is easy.
Pinging a Remote ComputerPinging a Remote Computer
When developing networked applications that rely on a remote computer being available, it is important to be able to check that the other system is operable. Using the .NET framework's Ping class, an ICMP echo request can be sent for this purpose.
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