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The XML Documentation Value TagThe XML Documentation Value Tag
When generating documentation using XML documentation comments, properties can be described using the standard summary tag. They should also include the value tag, which describes the value held in the property.
XML Documentation Cross-ReferencesXML Documentation Cross-References
One of the key benefits of providing code documentation using HTML Help is that the pages within the help files link to each other. Many links are added automatically by tools such as Sandcastle. It is possible to create additional links using manually.
Creating Type Parameter DocumentationCreating Type Parameter Documentation
When creating help files to explain the use of code libraries using XML documentation comments, generic types and methods can include additional information that describes their type parameters. This is achieved with the use of the typeparam element.
Adding Remarks to XML DocumentationAdding Remarks to XML Documentation
Some information that is added to XML documentation is important but secondary to the summary text and the technical details of the code library's class and member usage. This information should be included as remarks.
Adding Paragraph Breaks to XML DocumentationAdding Paragraph Breaks to XML Documentation
The readability of XML documentation, which is compiled into browsable HTML Help files, is greatly improved with the correct use of paragraphs. By using the para tag within other elements, descriptive information from the XML can include line breaks.
Adding Code Examples to Documentation CommentsAdding Code Examples to Documentation Comments
Documentation for code libraries is generally improved with the addition of sample code that shows how those libraries are used. When using XML documentation comments, three tags can be used to incorporate examples within the compiled help file.
Adding Lists and Tables to XML DocumentationAdding Lists and Tables to XML Documentation
Bullet lists, numbered lists and tables provide useful ways to provide information about the use of a framework, a single class or a member. These ways of displaying data can be included in XML documentation comments and compiled into help files.
Documenting Namespaces with Sandcastle Help File BuilderDocumenting Namespaces with Sandcastle Help File Builder
When documenting code libraries it is important that namespaces are described. XML documentation comments do not support the addition of summary information for namespaces. However, this extra information can be added using Sandcastle Help File Builder.
Enabling Automatic Documentation CommentsEnabling Automatic Documentation Comments
XML documentation comments allow code to be decorated with information about its usage. Visual Studio can assist in generating these comments by expanding a special comment symbol into a series of comment placeholders, which can be completed manually.
Documenting ExceptionsDocumenting Exceptions
Code can be decorated with XML documentation comments, which can be compiled into documentation files. When members can throw exceptions, the comments can include a description of each expected exception and the reasons why it may be thrown.
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