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.NET Known and System Colours.NET Known and System Colours
The Color class can represent over sixteen million colour shades with over two hundred and fifty levels of transparency. Often, however, a simple, named colour or a system colour is desired. These can be obtained using the KnownColor enumeration.
Converting Between RGB and HSL Colour ModelsConverting Between RGB and HSL Colour Models
The RGB colour model is ideal for producing images on display devices but counter-intuitive for people who wish to adjust colours. The HSL model is intuitive but not fully supported by .NET. This article explains how to convert between the two models.
Extracting the Icon for a FileExtracting the Icon for a File
In Microsoft Windows, all files have an associated icon that can help the user to quickly identify the file type. Icons may be embedded in an executable or dynamic linked library (DLL), or held in an icon file. In each case, it is easy to access the icon.
Retrieving the Installed Font ListRetrieving the Installed Font List
A common task when creating programs that permit text editing, particularly What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) applications, is to retrieve the list of installed typefaces. The user's preferred fonts and styles may then be utilised as desired.
Capturing the Screen Contents in .NET 2.0Capturing the Screen Contents in .NET 2.0
When supporting installed software, descriptions of problems can be enhanced greatly by viewing the contents of the user's screen. In this article we will explore how to perform a screen grab and display the captured image in a Windows Forms application.
Determine the Screen ResolutionDetermine the Screen Resolution
Sometimes an application's user interface is laid out differently according to the resolution that is preferred by the user. For example, on small screen sizes, less information may be displayed. This tip explains how to obtain the current screen size.
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