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Copyright Policy


The articles, tutorials, and other information provided in the form of text and images are Copyright ©2006-2024 BlackWasp. You may not duplicate or distribute these items in whole or in part. You may create hyperlinks to the BlackWasp articles from your own web site or blog. These may include the opening paragraph of the article.

Web Site Layout

The web site layout and logo graphics are Copyright ©2006-2024 BlackWasp. You may not copy or distribute these layouts in any format except for hard copies of pages taken for personal use.

Free-of-Charge Sample Source Code

The source code that is provided on a free-of-charge basis to support articles is Copyright ©2006-2024 BlackWasp. This includes the source code embedded within the text of an article and the source code provided via the download link provided within an article. You may use the source code as part of any personal, open source or commercial project provided that:

  • you do not provide the source code as part of an article or other post on a web site.
  • you do not use the source code for any unlawful purpose.
  • you indemnify and hold harmless BlackWasp and its successors and associates from any and all liability from any use of the source code.
  • you ensure that these conditions apply to any further redistribution of your software.
  • you agree to, and abide by, the terms of use.
  • the specific download does not include a different license. In such cases, the downloaded license will apply.