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C# Preprocessor DirectivesC# Preprocessor Directives
Preprocessor directives are inserted into source code files but are not compiled into the final product. They provide instructions to the compiler or tell Visual Studio how to format code in the integrated development environment.
Gang of Four Design Patterns Reference SheetGang of Four Design Patterns Reference Sheet
The Gang of Four are the four authors of the book, "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software". They described twenty-three design patterns for object-oriented programming. This reference sheet provides the UML for those patterns.
ASCII Table Reference SheetASCII Table Reference Sheet
The American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) codes define numeric values for 128 characters, including control characters, letters, numbers and symbols. The code also forms the basis for many other character coding systems.
.NET Formatting Reference Sheet.NET Formatting Reference Sheet
Various native .NET framework types include an overloaded version of the ToString method that accepts a format string. This reference sheet provides a list of standard formats and custom format specifiers for numeric types, DateTimes, GUIDs and enums.
WPF / Windows Forms Named ColoursWPF / Windows Forms Named Colours
WPF, Windows Forms and many other development systems allow the use of a set of one hundred and forty-one named colours. This reference sheet provides an alphabetical list of those colour names and RGB values.
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