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Exporting Visual Studio 2010 Pinned DataTipsExporting Visual Studio 2010 Pinned DataTips
Visual Studio 2010 allows DataTips to be pinned to the source code to allow the current values in objects to be inspected easily. A set of pinned DataTips may be exported to an XML file, which may be imported at a later time or by another developer.
Inserting the Class Name in a Code SnippetInserting the Class Name in a Code Snippet
Code snippets allow boilerplate code to quickly be inserted in code editors. Snippets can include replacements to allow the developer to modify snippet text and functions that generate code. The ClassName function adds the name of the current class.
Visual Studio Code Snippet TypesVisual Studio Code Snippet Types
Visual Studio's code snippets feature allows the fast insertion of boilerplate code. Two styles of custom code snippet can be created. Expansion snippets insert code at the cursor position. SurroundsWith snippets add code before and after the selection.
Creating Code Snippets with ReplacementsCreating Code Snippets with Replacements
Visual Studio 2005 introduced code snippets to allow common code to be quickly inserted into a source file. Snippets can include static text and placeholders that can be replaced after insertion, with help from the integrated development environment.
Creating Visual Studio Code SnippetsCreating Visual Studio Code Snippets
Visual Studio 2005 introduced the code snippet feature, which allows boilerplate code to be quickly inserted into a source code file. A number of standard snippets are provided. These may be enhanced with the creation of custom code snippets.
Visual Studio Transpose CommandsVisual Studio Transpose Commands
Visual Studio's code editing tools include a large number of shortcut keystrokes that perform simple functions. This short article describes the transpose commands, which allow pairs of characters, words and lines of code to be switched.
Visual Studio 2010 Intellisense ModesVisual Studio 2010 Intellisense Modes
Visual Studio 2010 includes some improvements to Intellisense. One new feature is the inclusion of two modes of operation. These are the original Intellisense completion mode and the new suggestion mode, which is ideal for test-driven development.
Visual Studio Find Selected TextVisual Studio Find Selected Text
Visual Studio provides many tools for navigating code. Some of the search tools allow complex queries to be created to isolate specific text within source code. Others, like the one described here, are simplistic but allow very fast movement through text.
Visual Studio Insert Blank LinesVisual Studio Insert Blank Lines
The layout of code and the whitespace that surrounds it can improve its readability and maintainability. This whitespace includes entirely blank lines, which can be inserted into code quickly using this simple tip.
Launching Visual Studio in Safe ModeLaunching Visual Studio in Safe Mode
When installing plug-ins or extensions for Visual Studio, it is possible that a misbehaving add-in can cause Visual Studio to crash or to fail to load. In order to remove the offending add-in, Visual Studio can be started in "Safe Mode".
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