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Visual Studio Word WrapVisual Studio Word Wrap
When working with a Visual Studio code editor and using a low-resolution display, it can be difficult to see the full length of lines of source code. This problem can be alleviated by enabling the code editor's word wrap and visual glyphs settings.
Visual Studio Virtual SpaceVisual Studio Virtual Space
When using Visual Studio's default settings, lines of code are terminated with a carriage return and placing the caret beyond the end of a line is impossible. By enabling virtual space, the caret can be moved to any position, including unused areas.
Resetting Visual Studio SettingsResetting Visual Studio Settings
When Visual Studio is run for the first time the user can select from several options that determine the default settings for the development environment. This article explains how to reset Visual Studio and allow this selection to be made again.
Visual Studio Font and Colour SchemesVisual Studio Font and Colour Schemes
The standard fonts and colours presented by Visual Studio are acceptable but some find that the Courier typeface is difficult to read or that the contrast between black text and white background is harsh. Luckily, the fonts and colours can be changed.
Creating GUIDs in Visual StudioCreating GUIDs in Visual Studio
Globally unique identifiers (GUIDs) have many uses for software developers. When a single unique ID is required, one can be randomly generated using Visual Studio's Create GUID command. This article describes the required steps to achieve this.
Visual Studio Incremental SearchVisual Studio Incremental Search
Visual Studio provides several tools to allow you to quickly locate text within a file, project or solution. This article describes the Incremental Search feature, which permits fast searching of a file with no interaction with dialog boxes required.
Visual Studio Task List ShortcutsVisual Studio Task List Shortcuts
Visual Studio's task list is a useful tool when you wish to record tasks that are to be completed at a later time. This feature includes the facility to create task list shortcuts. These are tasks that are linked to a specific line of source code.
Visual Studio Exception Code SnippetVisual Studio Exception Code Snippet
When you are creating a custom exception class, there are several constructors that you should provide in addition to the default, parameter-less constructor. To quickly create code for these constructors, you can use a Visual Studio code snippet.
Visual Studio Build EventsVisual Studio Build Events
Some projects require that preparatory steps be taken prior to compiling the code. Others require processes to be executed after a successful build. Visual Studio's Build Events allow such pre-build and post-build steps to be automated.
Treating Warnings as Errors in Visual StudioTreating Warnings as Errors in Visual Studio
The compiler used by Visual Studio can produce errors when code cannot be built and warnings when it completes compilation successfully but there are areas of concern. To avoid warnings being missed or ignored, there is an option to treat them as errors.
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