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Disabling the Visual Studio Splash ScreenDisabling the Visual Studio Splash Screen
Splash screens are often useful, as they appear during the loading process for applications. Some users prefer not to see these screens, which may slow the start-up of an application. The Visual Studio splash screen can easily be disabled if desired.
Choosing Visual Studio StartUp ProjectsChoosing Visual Studio StartUp Projects
Visual Studio allows many projects to be gathered into a single solution. When using such solutions it is important to be able to identify one or more of the projects as startup items. These projects are started automatically when starting debugging.
Visual Studio Sharing Files Between ProjectsVisual Studio Sharing Files Between Projects
Normally when an existing file is added to a project within Visual Studio, the file is copied into the project folder. There is an option to link to the file, rather than duplicate it, allowing files to be shared between multiple projects.
Changing the Text Case in Visual StudioChanging the Text Case in Visual Studio
Visual Studio includes a number of shortcuts that allow quick changes to code. Among these are two functions that allow the selected text in a code editor window to be quickly capitalised or switched to lower case lettering.
Visual Studio Clipboard RingVisual Studio Clipboard Ring
Visual Studio supports the standard clipboard features for cutting, copying and pasting code within and between code windows. The Clipboard Ring feature enhances this support by providing a history of items added to the clipboard that may each be pasted.
Disabling #region when Implementing InterfacesDisabling #region when Implementing Interfaces
When using Visual Studio's Implement Interface command, the automatically added code is contained within a code region by default. As some developers prefer not to use code regions, it can be useful to disable this feature.
Visual Studio Tab SettingsVisual Studio Tab Settings
Indentation is essential to ensure that source code is easy to read. Visual Studio provides several configuration options that control the insertion of tab and space characters. This article describes the available options and their usage.
Visual Studio 2010 Toolbox SearchVisual Studio 2010 Toolbox Search
Each new release of the .NET framework introduces new controls and components that may be displayed in a toolbox within Visual Studio. To allow the desired component to be quickly found, Visual Studio 2010 has introduced a toolbox search feature.
Visual Studio 2010 Call HierarchyVisual Studio 2010 Call Hierarchy
Visual Studio 2010 includes a number of navigation enhancements over previous versions. In this article, the Call Hierarchy feature is described. This allows developers to quickly and recursively browse calls made to and from a member.
Visual Studio Find All ReferencesVisual Studio Find All References
It is common to wish to find all of the places in a project or solution where a particular symbol, such as a class or method, is used. This can be essential before performing manual refactoring. Visual Studio's Find All References command makes this easy.
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