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Visual Studio 2010 Multi-Monitor SupportVisual Studio 2010 Multi-Monitor Support
Support for developers with more than one monitor was limited in Visual Studio 2008 and earlier versions, only permitting tool windows to be undocked from the integrated development environment. Multi-monitor support is improved with Visual Studio 2010.
Visual Studio 2010 Reference HighlightingVisual Studio 2010 Reference Highlighting
Visual Studio 2010 includes several new enhancements over previous versions. One of the new features is reference highlighting, which colours all instances of a symbol within the current document and allows fast navigation between them.
Visual Studio 2010 Navigate ToVisual Studio 2010 Navigate To
Visual Studio 2010 includes several enhanced means for navigating code. The 'Navigate to' command allows types, such as classes and structs, and their members to be quickly located using an incremental search of an entire solution.
Visual Studio 2010 Intellisense ImprovementsVisual Studio 2010 Intellisense Improvements
Visual Studio 2010 provides a feature named Intellisense, which displays suggestions for keywords, classes, structures and member names as code is entered into the editor. Visual Studio 2010 Intellisense offers several improvements over previous versions.
Visual Studio 2010 Recent Projects ImprovementsVisual Studio 2010 Recent Projects Improvements
Visual Studio 2010 includes many improvements over earlier versions of the integrated development environment (IDE). Some of the first improvements that may be seen on launching Visual Studio are the changes to the Recent Projects list.
Auto-Load File Changes in Visual StudioAuto-Load File Changes in Visual Studio
When files are shared between Visual Studio projects, it is common for those files to be changed by other users or in other editing software. Visual Studio can be configured to detect these changes and reload source code automatically.
Set the Visual Studio Start Page News ChannelSet the Visual Studio Start Page News Channel
When Visual Studio is launched, the start page is displayed. This page includes an area that is populated with up-to-date information from an RSS feed. If desired, the location of this feed can be changed to download alternative information.
Visual Studio Help SourceVisual Studio Help Source
Visual Studio provides information relating to the .NET framework classes and the associated programming languages using context-sensitive and menu-driven help. The information can be obtained from the local machine or downloaded from the Internet.
Visual Studio Visible White SpaceVisual Studio Visible White Space
In some programming and scripting languages, configuration files and markup languages, white space can be significant. To ensure that a file contains the correct use of tabs and spaces, you can make these characters visible in Visual Studio.
Track Active Item in Visual Studio Solution ExplorerTrack Active Item in Visual Studio Solution Explorer
Visual Studio's Solution Explorer provides a logical and simple tool for navigating the elements of a solution or project. It can be improved for some configurations of the integrated development environment by enabling tracking of the active item.
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