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Windows Presentation Foundation
.NET 4.0+

WPF Menu Controls Class Hierarchy

The eighty-first part of the Windows Presentation Foundation Fundamentals tutorial looks at the base classes of the WPF menu controls. This article includes the inheritance hierarchy of all of the WPF controls seen in the tutorial so far.

Menu Controls

The recent articles in the WPF tutorial have described several menu controls. These are the Menu, MenuItem, ContextMenu, ToolBar and ToolBarTray controls. In this instalment we'll add these classes to the inheritance hierarchy that we've been building throughout the description of WPF controls. We'll also include their base classes, which will be described in the next articles in this series. Understanding the hierarchy helps you to fully understand how the controls can be used and the details of their shared methods, properties and events.

Class Hierarchy

The updated type hierarchy is as follows:

22 July 2014