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Visual Studio
VS 2003+

Changing the Text Case in Visual Studio

Visual Studio includes a number of shortcuts that allow quick changes to code. Among these are two functions that allow the selected text in a code editor window to be quickly capitalised or switched to lower case lettering.

Changing Text Case

Sometimes you will want to change an area of text to be entirely in capital letters or lower case text. When the item to change is small you may decide to retype it. For larger items you can use two simple Visual Studio functions. Firstly you should select all of the text that you wish to modify in a code editor window. Next, open the Edit menu and the Advanced submenu. From here you can choose "Make Uppercase" to capitalise the selected text or "Make Lowercase" to convert it to lower case.

The two functions have default shortcut keys that make the editing process even faster. To capitalise the text press Ctrl-Shift-U. To convert to lower case, press Ctrl-U.

20 November 2010