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Visual Studio 2010 Toolbox Search

Each new release of the .NET framework introduces new controls and components that may be displayed in a toolbox within Visual Studio. To allow the desired component to be quickly found, Visual Studio 2010 has introduced a toolbox search feature.

Toolbox Search

As the number of controls and components that are available in the .NET framework grows, the toolbox used by form and control designers increases in size. This makes it more difficult to quickly find a desired item. Visual Studio 2010 reduces this problem by introducing an incremental search feature to the toolbox.

To quickly locate a control or component, first click the toolbox to activate it. You can then start typing the name of the control that you wish to find. As you type, the entered letters are displayed beneath the toolbox and the first item that matches the typed text is selected automatically. If there are multiple matches, you can either continue typing to narrow the search or press the tab key to jump between the items that have been found. If no component's name begins with the text, a message is displayed indicating that there are no matches.

In the image below, you can see that the search text entered was "listv" and that the ListView control was the first match.

Visual Studio 2010 Toolbox Search

8 May 2010