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Debugging NUnit Tests in C# ExpressDebugging NUnit Tests in C# Express
Microsoft Visual C# Express is a free integrated development environment for developing software using the C# programming language. A limitation of the Express edition is that it does not support add-ins, making debugging tests more difficult.
Creating Unit TestsCreating Unit Tests
The third part of the Automated Unit Testing tutorial examines the construction of unit tests using the NUnit testing framework. This article describes the use of the attributes that determine how the test runner executes unit test code.
NUnit Testing FrameworkNUnit Testing Framework
The second part of the Automated Unit Testing tutorial introduces NUnit. NUnit is a popular open source unit testing framework for .NET framework software that simplifies the process of creating, organising and executing automated unit tests.
Unit TestingUnit Testing
This is the first in a series of articles describing the use of automated unit testing techniques. Unit testing allows verification of the functionality of a program. Automated unit testing validates software automatically by executing test code.
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