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SQL Server
SQL 2005+

SQL Server Management Studio Start-Up Options

When you first start SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), the default action for the program is to request the server, database and logon credentials before showing the Object Explorer. Depending upon your preferences, you may want to change this.

SQL Server Management Studio Configuration

The main configuration settings for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) are found in the SSMS options dialog box. This dialog box can be viewed by selecting "Options" from the Tools menu. The options for the SQL Server Management Studio Express utility are located under the same menu option and are almost identical to those of the commercial product.

Start-Up Action

The Options dialog box is divided into two sections. To the left you can select the area of SSMS that you wish to configure. To modify the start-up action for SSMS, ensure that you have selected the General options within the Environment section.

The first environment option at the right of the dialog box is labelled "At startup". Four options are available for selection:

  • Open Object Explorer. This is the default option. When SSMS is started and a database has been connected, the Object Explorer is displayed.
  • Open new query window. With this option selected, an empty query window is displayed once connected. The Object Explorer section is not populated automatically.
  • Open Object Explorer and new query. This action requires that you connect to a SQL server instance as normal. Once connected, the Object Explorer tree is populated and a new query window is opened.
  • Open empty environment. The final option does not require that you connect to a server when you start SSMS. Instead, the environment is left completely empty. Connection details are only required when you attempt to read information about a server or database or when you open a new query window.

SQL Server Management Startup Options

28 December 2008