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Visual Studio
VS 2005+

Set the Visual Studio 2005 Start-Up Action

When you first begin using Visual Studio 2005, a start-up page is displayed when you launch the development environment. The start-up page is useful but other options are available for the start-up action including automatically opening the last project.

Visual Studio Configuration

The start-up action setting is configured using the standard Visual Studio 2005 options menu. This is also available for the Visual Studio Express Editions such as Microsoft C# Express or Visual Basic Express. To view the options dialog box, open the Tools menu and select Options from the list.

Show All Settings Mode

In some Visual Studio editions the standard options dialog box may be set to view a limited number of settings. If so, you will see only Environment, Text Editor and Debugging within the tree structure. To show all of the settings for Visual Studio, tick the Show all Settings checkbox at the bottom-left of the dialog. The advanced settings will appear.

Startup Options

Once all of the settings are visible, expand the Environment branch of the tree. Here you can see a list of all of the Visual Studio environment settings. Click the Startup option in the tree structure to view the current configuration. The dialog box will be similar to that pictured below. You can now select the default start-up action from the circled drop-down list. Six options are available:

  • Show Start Page. The default setting is to display the Visual Studio start page.
  • Open Home Page. The home page of the in-built development browser is loaded when Visual Studio starts. The address of the home page can be selected within the Web Browser options in the options tree.
  • Show last loaded solution. With this option selected, the last project you worked on is automatically reloaded at start-up to allow you to continue working from where you left off.
  • Show Open Project dialog box. The Open Project dialog box is displayed to allow selection of a project to load.
  • Show New Project dialog box. The New Project dialog box is displayed to allow selection of a type of project to create.
  • Show empty environment. If this option is chosen, Visual Studio launches with no dialog boxes or information displayed. You can then open a project or create a new one using the File menu.

Visual Studio 2005 Startup Options

10 July 2007