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Cookie Policy

BlackWasp Cookies

The BlackWasp web site includes a cookie banner that is displayed when you first visit the site or when you revisit after clearing your cookies. This cookie banner is in place to achieve compliance with the EU cookie law. In order that this banner is not displayed on every page, affecting your enjoyment of the web site, a cookie is stored on your computer once it has been displayed. No personal information is held in this cookie.

ASP.NET Session Cookies

The BlackWasp web site uses Microsoft's ASP.NET to generate the web pages before they are delivered to your computer. This may create session cookies that are essential to the operation of the web site. No information in these cookies is used by BlackWasp.

Google Cookies

The web site uses Google Analytics. This service records information about visits to web pages to provide statistics that can be seen by the BlackWasp web site owner. This does not include identifiable information about you.

Click the following link to read Google's privacy policy.

AddThis Cookies

Each article on the web site includes a set of buttons that allow you to share that article via social media services. This set of buttons is provided by the AddThis service. The service may create a cookie on your computer but this cookie does not contain personal information. You can read more about the cookie usage in the AddThis privacy policy.